Does your business need help to grow or transform?

Welcome to Pellucid Associates. We help businesses of all sizes – from start-up to ASX 100 enterprises – grow and change, fast and safely.

Let's be clear

Doing things differently is usually hard and often uncomfortable, whether it’s personal change or transforming a business. 

Because every business has different needs, we offer a range of services to help you get to your target of successful change.

Why not drop us a line, and ask for a free 30 minute no-obligations call, to confirm whether we can help you?

Ways we can help

Mentor Your Start Up. We coach Fintech start-ups as part of Stone & Chalk’s mentor program, helping them get through their barriers to growth.

Manage Your Growth or Change Initiative.
We work in hands-on interim executive roles to lead major scale-up and transformation programs for you.

Guide Your Business.
We provide advisory services on a virtual (part-time or on retainer) basis, including: virtual CFO, strategic advisor, board director, business development, stakeholder management.

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