Graeme is the Managing Director of Pellucid Associates. He has 30+ years of global leadership experience in operations, IT and general management in Australia and overseas, in some of the largest global businesses. For the past 4 years he has also worked on scale-ups as Board Member, Founder, CFO, CEO and also Mentor.

He works with businesses of all sizes, helping smaller business to scale-up safely and at speed, and larger enterprises to succeed in their operational, cultural or business process transformation.

He brings an extensive set of tools and experience to help his clients, as well as a problem-solving mindset and a passion to help others succeed. He appreciates the importance of the human element in every plan of change, and he has found that blending empathy with a structured approach is the way to get the best outcome in every situation.

He holds a Masters Degree from Cambridge University, and a Sloan Masters in Business from London Business School.

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