Successful businesses need a clear strategy and the agility to manage change well. Here's how we can help you succeed.


Are you a start-up that needs to re-confirm your strategy and market positioning, or a scale-up that is finding its Go To Market plan isn’t working as well as expected? 

We will work with you to refine and test your approach in a tailor-made program, depending on your specific needs.

This program can combine analysis, workshops and mentoring sessions with you and your team. We use a number of proprietary tools such as the Strategic Compass(TM), and Strategy On A Page (SOAP) to ensure you have covered all of the important strategic issues and have a viable business proposition before you start your scale-up or change program.


Are you a small or medium sized business, looking to drive rapid growth into your existing or new markets? Do you need help with building or executing a robust scale-up plan that ensures you will get where you need to, quickly and safely?

We will work with your team to build a robust execution plan including financial models and business case if needed, as well as the operational and people elements for the scale-up. We can coach you to avoid the major pitfalls based on our personal experience and from working with many other businesses. 

Our services range from mentoring, and consulting, to acting as a full-time (fixed term) execution lead for substantial scale-ups.

Major Change

Are you a business looking to undertake a complex transformation, in your operating model or your  organisational design? Do you want help in framing and scoping a large change program, or in remediating an existing change program that is not hitting its targets?

We can review your change plans, and construct effective program approaches to deliver your target transformation efficiently and cost-effectively. We can support your business in operational excellence initiatives such as lean six sigma, outsourcing and offshoring, or customer service remediation, to name a few. 

We can support you in a range of different ways to deliver success for your transformation. These include: mentoring your leadership, consulting on specific issues or change program hotspots, or taking on specific management roles on an interim basis to lead the change you require.

If you would like a free, confidential and no-obligation 30 minute discussion, please click below. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how Pellucid can help.

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